Favorite IPFS Content

This page contains the IPFS hashs to some of my favorite content uploaded to the IPFS network.


It's important to syndicate the Wikileaks data trove so that the information isn't lost or censored. Find out more on the Wikileaks blog post.

My Code Repositories

I've gotten in the habit of uploading the GitHub repositories I create to my IPFS node, along with all npm repositories. This means people can access the code and dependencies if either GitHub or npm go down. All the code I develop is in JavaScript, and often includes packaging in Docker containers.

Decentralized Publishing

These are developer tools that I've created to help with publishing content via the IPFS network and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

JavaScript Development

  • koa-api-boilerplate - ipfs://QmbjdanjWhkvjGH3n8ycGdkg41kNAwY4Dpus1vCvGu4DZP - A 'boilerplate' is a code template that provides all the basic functionality needed to start a new project. This is the boilerplate that I use any time I need to create a back end REST API for some new app. It uses koa, which is the 'spiritual successor' of express.js. I've added new features over the last couple years, and a lot of other projects are forked from this repository.

My Videos and Media